Professional Agile Coach Training

For a successful agile implementation there are three things you need to take into account. First, people will need to learn new practices to be able to frequently deliver high-level product. Second, new working agreements, policies and a new organizational structure is needed so that the focus moves to maximizing value instead of utilization. Third, the people themselves will be asked to work in teams and with teams. The Professional Agile Coach training is a 2+1 day training that covers the fundamental principles and techniques needed for coaching an agile adoption. The content is based on the book EMERGENT – Lean & Agile adoption for an innovative workplace that is written by Cesario Ramos the trainer for this course.

Your trainer

Cesario Ramos

Cesario Ramos

Cesario Ramos, Certified Professional Coach, Certified LeSS Trainer and Professional Scrum Trainer at Cesario guides and coaches organisations in their journeys to business agility. He is a frequent conference speaker and the author of the book Emergent and the book ‘ A Scrum Book’. Because of his extensive real world experience the trainings are full of practical examples. 

Agile Coach Training objectives

  • Understand agile team coaching and how to create high performing teams.
  • Understand practices to increase an organisation’s agility.
  • Know how to plan and coach a agile change initiative across the enterprise.
  • Have an overview on how to Scale Scrum to multiple teams.
  • Understand the fundamental principles of a Lean & Agile organization.

Who should attend the Agile Coach training?

The Agile Coach training is for managers, Scrum Masters and Agile coaches who want to take their agile implementation skills to the next level. The content of the training is very usefull for anyone who works on improving teams’ and organizations’ effectiveness. Agile Coach Training

Agenda Agile Coach training

In this 2 day training the following topics are discussed:

Day 1

  • Agile Coaching Fundamentals

    What is agile coaching? What are the different styles and what is expected of an agile coach?

  • Agile Team Coaching

    How can I launch a team? What kind of coaching interventions can I do and when? How can I create the conditions for teams to grow into high performance?

  • The Lean & Agile Organization

    What is an Lean & Agile organisation and what does it look like?

  • Teams

    How can I organise teams to deliver customer value? What kind of teams do I need to discover and learn the needed changes in my organisation

Day 2

  • Lean Leadership

    How can I apply the wisdom of Lean in my organisation? What are the Lean principles that I need to coach the organisation on?

  • Coaching one-on-one

    How do I prepare and run a coaching session? What questioning techniques can I use? What coaching models work in an agile environment?.

  • Coachig a Lean & Agile transformation

    How do I start and lead an agile change initiative? How do I know I am making progress? What processes and structures do I need to setup? How do I coach an organisation?

  • Scaling Agile across the organization

    How can I scale scrum to multisite distributed development? What is needed when developing products with multiple teams?

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Excellent insight in what it takes to be an agile coach.

Edward van Gelderen

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Excellent 2-day training/course.

Excellent 2-day training/course. Learned a lot from Roland. His advice and training are very clear and to the point.

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Certified LeSS Practitioner | Diego Callizo

I am so happy I decided to participate in this training!. Cesario is a rare to find Agile Genius. I got tons of value by responding a lot of my old questions.  
I.e. What are the musts in order to facilitate a successful Agile adoption?   

I liked that the training is not based on prescribing roles and structures but mostly on changing the way we understand and think about complex systems. Some of the concepts explained like i.e. system thinking transform the way I understand big scale software development forever.

Diego Callizo

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