Designing Agile Organizations

As a leader, you know that being agile is key to meeting your customers’ needs. But did you know that your organizational design plays a critical role in enabling or hindering your team’s ability to adapt?
By taking this course, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of how organizational design impacts your teams' agility, and learn guidelines and techniques for designing an agile organization that supports your business strategy.

Course Overview

This 2-day course is about re-designing an organization into one that can respond effectively to market changes and delight the customer.

To quote John Seddon: “Culture Change is Free. People’s behaviour is a product of their system”.
Participants explore how to design an Agile organization, driven by the required organizational capabilities, to product definition, structure, roles and responsibilities to your appraisal system.

Participants leave this course with an appreciation for the Agile mindset and how to deal with common adoption mistakes. They gain the understanding about how to make informed decisions about their transformation that will be most beneficial to their organization.


The course is based on the book "Creating Agile Organizations" by Cesario Ramos and Ilia Pavlichenko, and uses a mix instruction and group sctivities. Participants learn how to adopt Agile at large scale, avoid common mistakes, and make informed transformation decision for their organization.

All participants get a copy of the book "Creating Agile Organizations"

Who should

The Certified Agile Organization Designer course is for people in leadership roles that play a key role in organization redesign and support an Agile adoption effort. We recommend that Tech, Business and senior leadership representatives attend, preferably together.

Preperation for the Course

Basic Scrum & Agile knowledge is expected and can be achieved by reading the book Emergent and Scrum material such as the Scrum Primer and the LeSS book.

Certified – Designing Agile Organizations

All participants receive a Designing Agile Organization certificate

Course Agenda

DAY 1Designing for adaptability

Agile Organizations
  • What is the CAO Approach?

  • What Is An Agile Organisation?

Agile Organization Design
  • Capabilities To Drive Organization Design

  • Strategic Focus

  • Systems Thinking For Organization Design

Designing The Product Group

  • Defining a Product

  • Designing Teams

DAY 2Organization re-design guides

  • Designing The Larger Organization

  • Designing a Resilient Organization

  • Designing Shared services

  • Role Of Management

  • Human Operations

    Overview Of The Transformation Process

Certified Designing Agile Organization Trainer

Cesario Ramos

Cesario Ramos works on large-scale transformation all over the world in banking, insurance, and high-tech industries. He is also a Certified LeSS Trainer and Professional Coach. In 2010 he founded AgiliX, a consulting company, that provides consulting and training worldwide

Cesario is the author of the books ‘Creating Agile Organization’, ‘EMERGENT – Lean & Agile adoption’ and co-author of the book ‘A Scrum Book’.

He is a frequently invited speaker at conferences around the world and organizer of the international Large Scale Scrum (LeSS) conferences.

What other people say

Last week I spent interesting 2 days in a training on 'Designing agile organizations'. It turns out there is no single approach or integrated framework to address this challenge. We all need to find the answers ourselves. But thanks to Cesario Ramos and Ralph Jocham we have now a toolbox of proven methods and techniques to face the challenge! Great training!
Markus SchweizerSenior Strategy Advisor
Thanks to these 2 days of practical knowledge and fun, Ralph and Cesario and all the colleagues of compounded years of experience. Don't expect quick fixes or 'tips'. Expect rather to be challenged, to reflect and adapt. System-level problems need a system-level approach. In the increasingly uncertain and changing world we live in, we can't just take a model and copy it nor delegate the agile organizational design. We have to understand it, own it and do the redesign inside out with all stakeholders onboard and I'm happy to having made the first step of a long journey
Fatima T. Senior Product Owner and Project Manager
Two great days in Zurich, Cesario Ramos and Ralph Jocham! My "islands of knowledge" were well filled with theory and practical application examples. As an agile coach, I now feel better equipped to give managers the right insights so that they are able to redesign their organization in order to be better positioned for agile product development. Thank you both!
Markus TeczaAgile Coach
Two great days spent learning about how to organize for adaptability from the great trainers Ralph Jocham and Cesario Ramos Highly recommended!
Martin AhlströmAgile Coach

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