Certified LeSS Practitioner March 1-3 in Toronto

Certified LeSS Practitioner Training

Cesario Ramos LeSS TrainerCertified LeSS Trainer

The Certified LeSS Practitioner Training is provided by Ran Nyman, Certified LeSS Trainer and Certified Scrum Trainer together with Cesario Ramos, Certified LeSS Trainer and Professional Scrum Trainer at Scrum.org.


Certified LeSS PractitionerAll participants will be a Certified LeSS Practitioner and will get an account on less.works. Here they can find additional information about LeSS, share course information and stay in contact with the other course participants.

All participants get access to the draft of the new upcoming book: Large-Scale Scrum: More with LeSS and copy of the book EMERGENT: Lean & Agile adoption.


Special price is CAD 3100,- ex VAT until January 31. The regular price for the class is CAD 3500,- ex VAT. The prices includes training materials and for all days lunch and coffee, beverages and pastries throughout the day.


City Of Toronto.

Specifica location to be determined.



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