The books we authored about Scrum and Agile are below.


LEAN & AGILE ADOPTION FOR AN INNOVATIVE WORKPLACE Agile adoption can only be successful when the people themselves create the necessary changes and are committed and feel accountable for it. The goal, vision and reasons for the adoption should be clearly communicated. But the path towards agility can only emerge by walking it. By: Cesario Oliveira Ramos

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THE SPIRIT OF SCRUM This is a book about Scrum — a simple but powerful way for people to work together. Scrum is about helping small teams create, build, and evolve a product, one slice at a time. Scrum is as much about people as it is about the products they build and use. It defines a work environment where teams can challenge themselves to become better and better at their work over time. By: The Scrum Patterns Group

A Scrum Book

Coaching Agile Organizations

Cesario Ramos and Ilia Pavlichenko are currently working on a new book called ‘The Scrum Master Beyond Teams’ It will be published in April 2021 by Addison Wesley Professional

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