100% tested and yet failed 100%

In response to my blog about the World Cup software testing, I was interviewed by a journalist from the Stentor in late December. Her final question was: How do you recognize a good software tester? I realized this was quite a difficult question to answer. The reason for this is that software is complex and does not resemble any other software. A good testing method for one app does not necessarily make sense for another. Best practices are therefore not recommended. Due to its complexity, there is (almost) never a cause-and-effect relationship. How do you prevent a product from failing when it is tested extensively?

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How I became world champion software testing with the “Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters”

Together with Rob, Gerard and Klaas, I can call myself the world’s best software tester for the next two years. We became world champion at the

Software Testing World Cup in Berlin on the eve of Sinterklaas. And yes, I’m quite proud of that. As a coach, I tell others how to best test software in my daily job. But who am I? Being able to answer that question with “the World champion software tester”, was for a long time my motivation for winning that title. Well, now I succeeded and I’ll tell you how I got there.  

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Designing the LeSS Conference

The first ever LeSS conference was held in Amsterdam on August 30 and 31. An amazing 186 participants from Australia, Japan, the USA, Finland, Singapore, Switzerland and many more joined us for 2 days of sharing, learning and self-management. 

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Common Mistakes when Scaling Scrum

These days scaling Scrum is a hot topic. How can I use Scrum to deliver a big product with multiple teams? The most common approach I see at my customers is scaling Scrum by adding more Scrum teams with a Product Owner and Scrum Master per team.

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Agile Adoption Canvas

In this little blog I want to share a simple canvas that I use to kick-off agile adoption and answer the following questions:

  • How to co-create an Agile adoption plan with clients?
  • How to get started with an Agile adoption?
  • How to ensure progress during the adoption?
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