The LeSS Dynamics Game

The LeSS Dynamics Game

( a.k.a. The Waterfall Game)


Goal of the Game

The goal of this game is to understand how organisational design using component teams leads to the waterfall and unnecessary complexity. In this game, you experience how a typical scaling approach I call “Copy Paste Scaling” results in not so good things in organisations. 

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The meetup with Craig Larman report

On 13th July we had our meet up with Craig Larman in a very nice auditorium at Delta Lloyd in Amsterdam. 

Craig Larman surprise talk was about the history and (de)scaling of agile. 


One of the directors of SAGE was discussing why the programming had gotten out of hand. He was then asked, “ if you had to do it all over again, what would you do differently?”

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How To Scale Scrum? The Wrong Question To Ask

Some companies develop 1 product with 10s to 100s of people using Scrum. And they do that without adding any roles, events or processes to Scrum. They can do this because they use an organisational design that optimises for the right goals.

Design Goals

An organisation has a design, just like a truck or a Formula-1 car have a design too. A big truck is designed in such a way that it can efficiently move cargo from point A to point B. The efficiency usually comes at the price of long maintenance times. Changing the tyres e.g. is pretty hard work; it is usually done with a couple of people, requires lifting equipment and takes hours to complete.

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Business Analyst in Large Scale Scrum

Over the last weeks I've been working on a paper about the role of a Business Analysts within Large Scale Scrum, and I thought I'd write a little post on it too, here it goes.

On the website of the IIBA you can find their definition of a Business Analyst.

a liaison among stakeholders in order to understand the structure, policies, and operations of an organization, and to recommend solutions that enable the organization to achieve its goals

In a Large Scale Scrum organization this definition often results in Business Analysts working as a liaison between stakeholder and the teams. And this liaison role turns out not to be very effective at scale.

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Do not provide the answer before knowing the question

I was talking to a company that is implementing the Spotify model and needed some help. They wanted to know the difference between LeSS and their Spotify model. We first discussed what LeSS is. I told them that LeSS is an organisational design that optimises for shortest lead time, flexibility and learning. What single team Scrum does for a 1 team, LeSS does for whole development organisations.

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