The 8 qualities of the emotional Scrum Master

The Scrum Master profession spans wide variety of skills, knowledge and experience. Scrum Masters try to create high performing teams and drive organisational change. Although we mainly focus on the framework and the process, it’s people we work with all the time. Surprisingly our profession focuses predominantly on developing cognitive intelligence (IQ). We need to learn to appreciate the value of emotional Intelligence (EQ) for becoming great Scrum Masters.

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Craig Larman & Cesario Ramos LeSS Recap Day Video's

On July 10 we had our 5th LeSS Recap Day. This time it was in Amsterdam and we had Craig Larman as special guest.

We started with a talk by Cesario Ramos. Cesario talked about some LeSS Huge experiments he has been working on the in the financial industry.

Craig did a 90 min Q&S session about LeSS. The questions range from basic understanding to more advnced topics like management theory and chaning large organizations.

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Scrum Master inflation Alert!

This article is directed to all who think that being a Scrum Master is inferior, and therefore think (ab)using the term “Agile Coach” is justified.

Note. A serious warning before you read on: If you consider yourself to be an Agile Coach and you are not up to digesting some painful transparency about your role, please stop here.

OK, so when you read this line, I have captured your attention, which means the agile community might be one small step closer to transparency. Thank you for giving me this opportunity. I want to reward you with the management summary: “We should re-establish the title of Scrum Master to stop the proliferation of oblique role nomenclature. Our professionalism demands this from us; We need to practice the transparency we preach.

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The 5 Supporting Elements of Scrum

In Scrum classes we often ask the attendees to draw a picture of the Scrum framework, in order learn what their current understanding of the framework is. In many cases people are close to remembering the three roles, three artifacts and five events. But they also bring forward many related elements that are important or even indispensable to support the Scrum framework, but are not roles, artifacts nor events.

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The Elements of Scrum card deck

I check the scrum guide frequently. It's because I am a Scrum Master and I am responsible for the Scrum process. Every word in this guide has been chosen carefully. Sometimes I need to look up the exact wording to ensure I got it right. If I don't fully understand this framework deeply, I cannot guide teams to enact it.


I noticed that reading the Scrum guide over and over helps to discover deeper relationships between the elements of Scrum. As I am progressing in becoming a Scrum Trainer at, I felt that more can be done to support learning the Scrum framework. I discovered, for example, there is a number of elements that Scrum refers to, but are not officially a part of Scrum. Seeing those grouped together makes sense.

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