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Who is on the Team in Scrum?

20 May 2021

The latest revision of the Scrum guide removed the Development Team role with the intention to remove the “us vs. them” dynamic. In this paper Cesario Ramos and Ahmad Fahmy discuss its possible implications. You can find the paper by Cesario Ramos and Ahmad Fahmy on InfoQ

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LeSS Days 2020 |Agile Organization Design Principle by Cesario Ramos

12 December 2020

In this talk, Cesario shares some Agile Organization Design principles. You can use these principles to have a more informed discussion in your agile transformation. See also the upcoming book Coaching Agile Organizations.

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From MeSS to LeSS |The LeSS Pattern Card Game

6 October 2020

This is a description of the workshop I did at the LeSS Conference in Amsterdam. You can use this workshop to have a thorough discussion about your new LeSS group or to repair an existing LeSS adoption. For a general workshop, you can use the starting situation I wrote about in my Copy Paste Scaling […]

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De-Scaling with LeSS with Cesario Ramos

15 June 2020

There are 2 positions you can take when thinking about scaling Scrum. You consider Scrum a team level framework only, and then ask what needs to be added to Scrum to make it fit in your organization. You likely have Copy Paste Scaling and a narrow product definition. You consider Scrum a framework for your […]

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Product Definition in Large Scale Scrum (LeSS) – Part 2

2 May 2020

This blog is part of a series of previews from my upcoming book Coaching Agile Organisations In the first part of this blog series, I explained how to identify the organizational elements to include in your product definition. In this blog, I explain how you can refine your product definition to organize into effective cross-functional teams. […]

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Scaling Sequence Q&A Kahoot

14 April 2020

You can use this Kahoot Scaling Scrum to have some fun with your team or as an energizer during a workshop or training. Enjoy.

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Multi-Functional Learning is the Heart of Agility

31 March 2020

In this article, we shall investigate why the learning and development of multi-functional specialists in Scrum is the core of organizational Agility and value optimization. Many Development Teams are not collaborating as real teams, but as a collection of narrow specialists focused on “their” tasks (QA, Backend, iOS, Android, etc). This leads to an ever-increasing […]

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Product Definition in Large Scale Scrum (LeSS) – Part 1

27 March 2020

In large setups, teams tend to work on just a part of the real product. The part—a narrow product definition– they are working on is often a component or a specific activity in the development process; it is not a product.

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Applying Scrum Patterns in Practice

15 January 2020

In my first article, I explained what Scrum Patterns are and why they could be useful for you in your transformation. The second article explained how to select the Scrum Patterns from the Pattern Languages.  In this 3rd article, I build on the previous two articles and give an example of how to use the two Pattern Languages to develop […]

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Improving Sprint Retrospective with Scrum Patterns

11 January 2020

When Scrum Teams discuss too many problems during the Retrospective they may lose focus. That results in shallow decisions that barely scratch the surface. Teams are disappointed and lose faith in the Sprint Retrospective. Let’s see how to improve the event with the Scrum Patterns. Too Many Improvements Uphold New Challenges I want to share […]

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