Professional Agile Coach Training

agile coach trainingFor a successful agile implementation there are three things you need to take into account. First, people will need to learn new practices to be able to frequently deliver high-level product. Second, new working agreements, policies and a new organizational structure is needed so that the focus moves to maximizing value instead of utilization. Third, the people themselves will be asked to work in teams and with teams.

The Professional Agile Coach training is a 2+1 day training that covers the fundamental principles and techniques needed for coaching an agile adoption. The content is based on the book EMERGENT - Lean & Agile adoption for an innovative workplace that is written by Cesario Ramos the trainer for this course.

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Cesario Ramos, Certified Professional Coach, Certified LeSS Training and Professional Scrum Trainer at Cesario guides and coaches organisations in their journeys to business agility. He is a frequent conference speaker and the author of the book Emergent and the upcoming book Scrum Patterns. Because of his extensive real world experience the trainings are full of practical examples. 

Jowen Mei, Certified Professional Coach, Certified Scrum Master/Product Owner/Developer and Professional Trainer. Jowen is helping companies with their agile adoption since 2010. 


After following the the Agile Coach training you could consider taking the PSM II assessment. The assessment is not included in the course and needs to be purchased at

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We provide the Professional Agile Coach training across Europe. Please see our training calender for all our upcoming classes. This training is also available in-company 

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What you'll learn

  • Understand agile team coaching and how to create high performing teams.


  • Understand practices to increase an organisation's agility.


  • Know how to plan and coach a agile change initiative across the enterprise.


  • Have an overview on how to Scale Scrum to multiple teams.


  • Understand the fundamental principles of a Lean & Agile organization.

Target Audience of the Agile Coach Training

The Agile Coach training is for managers, Scrum Masters and Agile coaches who want to take their agile implementation skills to the next level. The content of the training is very usefull for anyone who works on improving teams' and organizations' effectiveness.


In this 2 day training the following topics are discussed:

Day 1

  • Agile Coaching Fundamentals

    What is agile coaching? What are the different styles and what is expected of an agile coach? 

  • Agile Team Coaching

    How can I launch a team? What kind of coaching interventions can I do and when? How can I create the conditions for teams to grow into high performance?

  • The Lean & Agile Organization

    What is an Lean & Agile organisation and what does it look like?

  • Teams

    How can I organise teams to deliver customer value? What kind of teams do I need to discover and learn the needed changes in my organisation

Day 2

  • Lean Leadership

    How can I apply the wisdom of Lean in my organisation? What are the Lean principles that I need to coach the organisation on?

  • Coaching one-on-one

    How do I prepare and run a coaching session? What questioning techniques can I use? What coaching models work in an agile environment?.

  • Coachig a Lean & Agile transformation

    How do I start and lead an agile change initiative? How do I know I am making progress? What processes and structures do I need to setup? How do I coach an organisation?

  • Scaling Agile across the organization

    How can I scale scrum to multisite distributed development? What is needed when developing products with multiple teams?

What Attendees Say

Certified LeSS Practitioner | Johan Janssen

Perfect LeSS training in 3 days and compliments for Cesario Ramos for all the inspiration and answers!

Johan Janssen



Certified LeSS Practitioner | Fabio Frascella

Great content and great teacher, the pace was just perfect and the interaction with the other attendees was priceless.

Fabio Frascella

Independent Agile Coach


Certified LeSS Practitioner | Remi Kok

I wanted to thank you again for an inspiring course. It was three long days with a lot of good practices. Loved the discussions and the contribution from Cesario’s experience. I learned that scaling up Scrum is made possible through the LeSS (Huge) Framework without losing the Scrum principles. For me there where a few great eye-openers. Going to use it that's for sure.

Thanks Cesario for a great time.

Remi Kok -


Professional Scrum Master Training | Jean Kuppers

Great training. Really enjoyed Cesario’s interactive training methods. He did a great job tailoring the content of the course to the needs of the group. I can recommend this training to anyone who wants to understand SCRUM beyond just passing the assessment.
Jean Kuppers, Professional Scrum Master Training


PSPO Training | Marc Maessen

Hele leerzame en inspiratievolle training die aangepast kan worden naar de wens van de cursisten en zo toegespitst wordt op hetgeen het meest gevraagd benodigd is. Cesario is een trainer met een zeer grote schat aan ervaring en kennis en kan daardoor snel en adequaat de situatie anticiperen, de training bijsturen en de theorie aanvullen met real life voorbeelden die hij zelf heeft ondervonden. Zeer waardevolle hulpmiddelen en aftercare toegereikt gekregen en dus al met al uitermate tevreden. Absolute aanrader !!!
Marc Maessen, Professional Scrum Product Owner Training


Professional Agile Coach Testimonials

Professional Agile Coach - May 2017 | Edward van Gelderen

Excellent insight in what it takes to be an agile coach.

Edward van Gelderen

Testimonials Coaching

2009 - Jos de Bruin Programma Manager at ASR Nederland

Cesario heeft binnen een belangrijk project voor De Amersfoortse de Agile softwareontwikkeling op een zeer goede wijze geïntroduceerd. Cesario heeft enorm veel kennis op dit gebied en nog veel belangrijker, hij wist de teams enthousiast te krijgen voor deze aanpak, en resultaten te boeken.

Jos de Bruin - Programma Manager ASR

2010 | Wim van Broekhoven, Manager at PANalytical

Cesario gave good input for the vision to get a LEAN software process adopted that brought our previous SCRUM implementation to a higher level.

During the deployment he coached the organization with respect to the implementation and further improvements. He is capable of convincing management, developers and customer why LEAN should be used. He did this by giving good support to help teams implement it. He is strong in making things tangible so that people understand how to go from principle to practice. This resulted in a way of working which is supported by the developers, which was very difficult in the past.

Wim van Broekhoven

Software Engineering Manager, PANalytical