Agile Teams & Practitioners

Are you facing tough challenges with your Agile adoption and looking for a way to overcome them? Then determine the strengths of your Agile adoption and the areas in which you can still improve with our Go See Assessment. 

Insight into the competence of your Teams

Agile Fluency
Agile Fluency

An Agile way of working requires learning new skills in order to frequently deliver a high-quality product. A product that is developed in collaboration with the customer so that the teams understand the drivers of the customers and therefore make the most valuable product. Our Go See provides insight into the competence of your Agile organization. Based on our assessment, you can select the following improvement steps in a targeted and substantiated manner that will yield the greatest improvement.

A Go See at your company

A Go See examines the application of Agile organizational design, processes, and techniques in your organization and assesses them on value creation, productivity, and quality. The result gives you insight into the strengths and prioritizes areas for improvement in an improvement plan.


A Go See consists of four parts. 

  1. Determining objectives and expectations

A workshop with management in which we find answers to the following questions:

  • Which team qualities are required to best support the organizational objectives?
  • How to determine that the teams have these qualities?
  • How do the current team qualities contribute to the organizational objectives?
  1. Gaining insight into daily dynamics

The second part consists of observation of the teams during the daily activities, interviews with different people, and a period of collaboration with the teams. This gives us insight into the processes, techniques, and team dynamics used.

  1. Gaining insight into systemic dynamics

The third part consists of a workshop with management and teams. In various workshops, we determine to what extent the organizational design and the team skills correspond with the necessary qualities to optimally support the organizational objectives. We use the following workshops:

  • Organization design goals workshop
  • Team assessment for insight into the dynamics between the team’s capabilities and the expectations of the organization.
  • Systems structure workshop for an insight into recurring patterns in the organization.
  1. Organize for Value Delivery Recommendations

In the fourth part, the findings are shared for feedback. We then discuss our initial recommendations. The assessment is concluded with a presentation and delivery of our final conclusions and recommendations.