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Perfect LeSS training in 3 days and compliments for Cesario Ramos for all the inspiration and answers!
Johan Janssen | KPNCertified LeSS Practitioner
I had been working as a Scrum Product Owner for quite some time before taking the Product Owner course from Cesario. It was a great experience, as there was a lot of time for questions and to go more in depth into the subject matter. It really helped me to become a better product owner!
Niels Monshouwer | WeirdBeardProfessional Scrum Product Owner
Inspirational, eye opener. A course I can recommend to everybody working on the transition towards agile working or working within an agile environment. Brigitte Thie – Delta Lloyd
Brigitte ThieCertified LeSS Practitioner
Great training. Really enjoyed Cesario’s interactive training methods. He did a great job tailoring the content of the course to the needs of the group. I can recommend this training to anyone who wants to understand SCRUM beyond just passing the assessment.
Jean KuppersProfessional Scrum Master
Excellent insight in what it takes to be an agile coach.
Edward van GelderenProfessional Agile Coach
Cesario gave good input for the vision to get a LEAN software process adopted that brought our previous SCRUM implementation to a higher level. During the deployment he coached the organization with respect to the implementation and further improvements. He is capable of convincing management, developers and customer why LEAN should be used. He did this by giving good support to help teams implement it. He is strong in making things tangible so that people understand how to go from principle to practice. This resulted in a way of working which is supported by the developers, which was very difficult in the past.
Wim van Broekhoven Software Engineering Manager, PANalytical