Renewal From Within

We create Agile organizations where people increase the quality of life by developing innovative products and services. Our purpose is to empower these individuals, organizations, and society through Agile thinking.

Our Team

AgiliX is a network organization that provides Agile transformation consulting and certified training worldwide. AgiliX was founded in 2010 by Cesario Ramos.

Founder AgiliX. Agile Organization Consultant. Author, Certified Trainer, Professional Coach.Cesario Ramos

Agile CoachJeroen Valkier

Professional Scrum TrainerRoman Doroshenko

The AgiliX logo is based on the well-known sticky-note, which is an essential tool in innovation.

The sticky-note supports visual thinking, exploration, recording, and ordering of ideas into actionable results. The sticky-note supports teamwork, visual management and is one of the most important tools in any innovation initiative.

Agile СoachPascal Dufour

Agile Coach, Management 3.0 TrainerMaria Tovpinets

Renewal From Within

AgiliX aims to create great organizations where people pursue a meaningful goal, get frequent feedback on succes and really understand the challenges their customers face. Organizations become places where people collectively discover what the right product is, where quality and mastery are the norm, and where improvement never stops.

Our challenge

AgiliX sets the bar high. Not just for the clients and teams we work with, but also for ourselves. Scrum and Agile continue to develop. We don't just follow this development, we are involved in it. This allows us to offer in depth knowledge and expertise at the cutting edge of our field.

AgiliX Partners

  • AgiliX provides Certified Creating Agile Organizations courses.
  • AgiliX provides the Professional Scrum™ Training from
  • AgiliX us a Professional Training Network™ Member from
  • AgiliX is a Certified Instructor of the Innovation Games® for Customer Understanding.
  • AgiliX is a Certified LeSS Coaching Company for The LeSS Company.
  • AgiliX provides the certified Large Scale Scrum (LeSS) Practitioner training from The LeSS Company.
  • AgiliX is Evidence Based Management expert for Agility Path™ at EBMgt

Our Clients

AgiliX worked with various organizations including
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