Why AgiliX?

We create Agile organizations where people increase the quality of life by developing innovative results. Working in an Agile company should be challenging, collaborative, and fun. AgiliX is, therefore, convinced of the power of Agile working to successfully develop people, companies, and the world.

Our goal is to create great organizations where people pursue a clear goal, get frequent feedback on progress, and have an excellent understanding of the challenges of customers. These organizations have an environment in which people jointly discover how to make the right product, in which quality and mastery are self-evident and in which the current way of working is continuously improved.

Who are we?

AgiliX is a network organization that provides Agile transformation consulting and certified training worldwide. AgiliX was founded in 2010 by Cesario Ramos.

AgiliX Partners

  • AgiliX provides the Professional Scrum™ Training from Scrum.org.
  • AgiliX us a Professional Training Network™ Member from Scrum.org
  • AgiliX is a Certified Instructor of the Innovation Games® for Customer Understanding.
  • AgiliX is a Certified LeSS Coaching Company for The LeSS Company.
  • AgiliX provides the certified Large Scale Scrum (LeSS) Practitioner training from The LeSS Company.
  • AgiliX is Evidence Based Management expert for Agility Path™ at EBMgt


AgiliX worked with various organizations inclusing ING, Rabobank (International), Raifeisenbank, AXA, Centraal Beheer, NN, Pulse, ABN AMRO, Justitiële Informatie Dienst, Adwise, Powerhouse, Rituals, Barco, Thales, FrieslandCampina, Unit4, Independer, Parkpost (CMI), Ellips, Reasult, Astron, PANalytical, ASR, SNSBank, Tele2, CCS, Achmea, Prorail, Wincor Nixdorf and Philips.

About the sticky note

The AgiliX logo is based on the well-known sticky-note, which is an essential tool in innovation. The sticky-note supports visual thinking, exploration, recording, and ordering of ideas into actionable results. The sticky-note supports teamwork, visual management and is one of the most important tools in any innovation initiative.

AgiliX Team

Cesario Ramos
Founder of AgiliX | Organisational Design Consultant
Cesario works on large scale Agile transformations worldwide as a management consultant and product development expert. Since 2001, he has introduced Agile thinking at various companies ranging from high-tech, financials to internet companies. Cesario is the author of the books Coaching Agile Organizations, Emergent and A Scrum Book. He is also a Certified LeSS Trainer, a Professional Scrum Trainer™ and is a Professional Team Coach and Professional Life Coach.
Scrum Master
Evgenia has been working as a scrum master with a very successful start-up for many years implementing single-team Scrum. Now she’s focusing on organizational coaching. She also helps good teams become great by teaching, coaching and mentoring. She’s Certified PSM I, CSM and CSPO. She is also a co-trainer in PSF, PSM I and PSPO I classes.
Ilia Pavlichenko
Agile Coach
First certified Professional Scrum Trainer in Russia, founder of Scrum Russia community and conferences Scrum Day Russia and LeSS Day. LeSS Coach at less.works and LeSS Trainer. Professional Coach and facilitator.
Sergey Lobin
XP coach, Professional Scrum Trainer (PST)
Applying Professional Scrum (APS, APS-SD) certified Scrum trainer from scrum.org. Sergey's focus is working with teams and teaching modern engineering practices. Sergey is convinced that effective product development is impossible without a strong technical component.
Ademar Aguiar
External Agile Coach & Consultant
Associate Professor at Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto Ademar was an early adopter of lightweight methods in 2000, and has been coaching and training others to fine-tune their processes, in academy and industry. Ademar started the Agile Portugal conferences and related events, to develop the Agile community in Portugal. He is co-author of “A Scrum Book - the Spirit of the Game” (2019).
Roman Doroshenko
Agile Coach, Professional Scrum Trainer (PST)
Certified Scrum Trainer from Scrum.org through PSPO. The only professional Scrum trainer in Russia in all three basic areas (PSM, PSPO, PSD). The first and only trainer of the advanced course for PSPO-A Product Owners in Russia. Formerly a developer and Product Owner. A fan of product management, quantitative analytics and engineering practices. Helps Large Organizations Turn their Faces to the client. Trainer of PSPO, PSPO-A, PSM, PSD, PAL-E, Professional Agile Coach, Certified LeSS Practitioner co-trainer.